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Her Secret Super Power

Her Secret Super Power is a customized, 10-week, 1:1 Nervous System Retuning & Rewiring Program to heal the effects of burnout and develop the mastery of your states and how to come bring your body back into a state of regulation and homeostasis.

This program is perfect for entrepreneurial and career-driven women who are experiencing the follow symptoms:

Online Meditation

Clear the Path to Your Soul-Aligned Life and Purpose Work and Experience Abundant Success


  • Step onto the path of your soul’s purpose-work with courage, confidence and clarity.

  • Build a compelling and bright future that is aligned with your vision and definition of success!

  • Take empowering action steps that produce the results you desire.

Holding Hands

Harmonize Your Most Significant Relationships

  • Understand how to create healthy boundaries and get your needs met to support you on this new path of stepping into your purpose work.

  • Enhance relationship building skills that serve you personally and professionally

  • Confidently and authentically align with your soul’s mission and work.

I believe empowered, prosperous women living in alignment with who they truly are and what they are meant to unleash and create in the world will make a positive impact and leave a legacy for generations to come. I am on a mission to help women step out of fear, confusion and overwhelm and into their true power to prosper and live the life they deeply desire, unapologetically.

I bring a balanced blend of ancient, modern-day practices, wisdom, personal experience and advanced breakthrough strategies to assist you as you step into embodying a purposeful, fulfilled and prosperous life!



I am forever grateful for Tammy and the impact she has made in my life. I couldn’t have uncovered this newfound wisdom and reassurance of who I am and what my purpose is in the world in such a short amount of time on my own.


- Christina Klaproth

Ignite Your Inner Guru

  • Awaken your passion, pleasure & joy 

  • Alchemize your emotions & develop personal mastery 

  • Honor your desires by working with your inner Goddess

  • Understand your inner allies; archetypes and sub-personalities

Nourish Yourself In the Most Delicious Ways

  • Receive more by doing less through honoring your mind and body’s needs without guilt and shame

  • Tap into your intuitive guidance to give your mind and body what it needs on the daily without the sacrifice of time and energy

  • Experience how filling your cup serves the ones you love


Claim Your True Purpose & Prosperity

  • Access a deeper state of flow and ease

  • Shift money mindset to overcome money concerns and challenges

  • Align with your vision and actualize it

  • Step into a more abundant, prosperous and expansive you!

  • Learn to magnetize your desires and drop the chase

Woman Working on Laptop

Is this You?

✔︎  While your current occupation, career or business is sustaining you, you know you are meant for more and no longer want to settle for anything less.

✔︎  You've lost a sense connection to your own purpose, hopes and dreams.

✔︎  You're moving through big change and transition with your job, career or business and want support navigating this change effectively. 

✔︎  You feel you are not being valued for your worth and expertise and are ready to claim it!

✔︎  You are done operating from over-giving and overwhelm and feeling out of alignment with what you really want to be doing! 

✔︎  You are ready to fully embrace that living and creating the life you've been dreaming of gets to feel juicy AF!

✔︎  You want to fully step into your power in a way that is authentic, not forced.

✔︎  You've done a lot of work on yourself and yet you're still repeating the same old patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

✔︎  You know it's time to take your life to a level that represents your truth, and to breakthrough and get real results.

✔︎  You're finally done with going it alone and feeling lost, confused and isolated in the process.


✔︎  You want to take aligned action to monetize your time and resources. 

✔︎  You are ready to cultivate the courage, clarity and mastery to live a life of purpose, freedom and prosperity!

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these, this program was designed just for you.

The Three Phases


Tammy Ovsanna Logo (2).png

We start the journey getting grounded and anchored into a safe space to set the foundation for re-awakening, remembering, reconnecting and rediscovering who you truly are and your unique Soul Purpose Path to unleash your gifts and magic into the world in a way that feels aligned for you.


Tammy Ovsanna Logo (2).png

During this next phase, you will harness the emotional and self mastery to get into Soul alignment with your dreams, desires and truth in all areas of business, career, relationships and with life itself.


Tammy Ovsanna Logo (2).png

The last phase you will know what it is to be in your unique Soul alignment, how to navigate your process with ease. At this point or sooner, you will also be experiencing the shifts and harvest of what you've been and are aligning to and calling in. We complete your journey in sacred ceremony and celebration of who you've uncovered and become.


After my coaching with Tammy, I am on a higher trajectory! All areas of my life were touched by Tammy - my business, my relationship with money, my higher education, my love life, how I deal with everyday stress and anxiety. Also, a weird side effect, magic and serendipity are now a constant part of my daily experience. I am so soooo happy I made the investment in myself and am eternally grateful for Tammy's guidance.


- Georgette Flanagan

What is the Soul Purpose Pathway™?



You will begin the journey of re-awakening, remembering and discovering the power you hold and the unlimited potential and possibilities within you and around you.


Step onto the path of clarifying your vision, initiating your purpose work and a life that is more aligned with your heart's deepest dreams and desires. You will ignite a deeper awareness of who you truly are, your true power and what you came here to do and contribute at this time in your life.



During this Phase, you will learn how to become an activation Goddess and prepare to reinvent yourself and become the woman who can hold and actualize the dream in your heart with ease, grace and mastery.


In the process of remembering and reconnecting with your truth and soul’s purpose work, you naturally begin the activation process. On this part of your journey, you will receive the guidance, tools and support to activate at your highest level, as you tap into your passions, play, pleasure, sensuality and your zone of creativity.



In Phase Two, you will be moving through the process of integrating back into wholeness and aligning with your vision. In doing so, you will more naturally hone and own your power from a place of readiness that feels grounded and sustainable.


When you are in alignment with your truth, heart and Soul, your life will flow more effortlessly. You open up to the synchronicities and opportunities that want to come into your life to support you as you navigate who you are becoming while cultivating a more fulfilled and prosperous life.


This Phase will bring a deeper understanding of your purpose and the clarity to keep the course with certainty and unwavering faith.


When you honor listening to your heart, you reignite a strong connection to source. Taking action will come more naturally from a place of guided inspiration and intuition. Your heart knows what it wants and needs, and you will uncover an inherent confidence and courage to move forward in the direction of your dreams.



As you move into this part of your journey, you will deepen into the subtle energies at play that allow you to attract and magnetize more of what you want to create and experience in your life. This is where magic seems possible, because it is!


When you are living from a state of authentic expression, you are magnetic and naturally live from a place of attracting rather than chasing.


This is your moment to FLY! 


You have gone on this journey, and as a result, you have activated, alchemized and birthed a NEW YOU that gets to be, do and create what you want and be abundantly supported every step of the way for simply BEING and HONORING YOU!



By now, you have been experiencing shifts and a direct experience with the ease of aligning your dream life and purpose work into creation, and this is just the beginning.

While you have begun to anchor in and master feeling freedom, peace and fulfillment as always available NOW, you have the tools and skills to make and hold space for what you are creating, calling in and the power to OWN IT!


It's time to celebrate and acknowledge how far you've come!! This sacred ceremonial ritual is to honor you in this space as a witness to your transformation and initiation into living your most authentic, empowered and purposeful life.

We will take time to acknowledge those who have supported you along the way, including your ancestors, but most importantly, it is a time of acknowledging you and the life you are creating and living now! 



Tammy is a breath of fresh air! First off she has a warm, amicable, and inviting personality. She is highly intuitive, compassionate and creative which comes across in her session with you. Tammy is very authentic and it's easy to want to open up to her about issues or challenges that you may have. After working with Tammy I increased more confidence, peace and energy. I did phenomenally well in my job the following week by her guidance. I increased my sales substantially. Tammy walks every step of the way with you through the fire in life and helps you cross the bridge where the magic truly happens. She has mentored and coached me to catapult to the next level in all areas of my life. She is unlike any coach I've worked with. She coaches you in regulating your nervous system and uncovering what's limiting you and how to breakthrough to your limitless self. In the short time period that I've worked with her, she's helped me unleash these old beliefs and programming in a safe space while helping me create and step into my dream life. When I think of Tammy I think of peace and sunshine. She genuinely cares about her clients and will do anything to make sure she is serving them above and beyond.


- Anna Vanwagner


It's time to make a move and take action if YOU...


are ready to walk through the fire to embody your purpose with confidence, clarity and bring more balance and harmony to the most important areas of your life.


want to live a fulfilled and meaningful life.


know that it's time to realize your full potential and unleash your genius!


are ready to breakthrough any limiting experiences holding you back from what you deeply desire to do with your one precious life.


feel ready to stand in your power and claim your true purpose and prosperity.

Hi beauty! I'm Tammy, and I am so honored you are here!

I am a passionate, skilled and intuitive coach and mentor to women who are on the entrepreneurial and career-driven journey, whether years in, starting a new business or getting ready to pivot. I help women get into alignment with what they truly desire in their personal and professional lives.

I see how too many women settle for unfulfilling work out of necessity and feeling stuck. I've witnessed these women begin to lose connection with their hopes, dreams and magic. 

I know all too well how limiting experiences can feel paralyzing and keep us stuck in "safe" familiar routines that do not serve us anymore. I grew up in a poor and neglectful environment and was even homeless as a young child. I've been through a gamut of abuse and learned to be a very good survivor.

As a result, I spent most of my life and all of my adult years healing, training, breaking patterns, glass ceilings, societal statistics and defying the odds. And in the process, I discovered my inner thriver and a path out through accessing an undeniable power within that has allowed me to pave a way unique to me in alignment with my dreams, including building an award winning 6-figure company as a musician (without a music degree). 

I am here to support and guide you as you walk through the fire and claim your freedom, abundance and impact through aligning with your unique Soul Purpose Pathway™. 

Tammy Ovsanna Pic 6.jpeg

My certifications, trainings and experience include: 

  • Masters Degree of Applied Meditation Studies

  • Certified Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Life Coach

  • Certified Integrative Somatic Parts Facilitator

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

  • Trauma Informed

  • Polyvagal Informed

  • 200-Hour Inner Fire Yoga Training

  • Certified Integrative Energy Therapist (IET), Level 3

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level 3

  • Certified Moonologist

  • Kirtan (Mantra & Chant) Facilitator Training

  • Expertise in Mindfulness & Meditation Training

  • Hand Mudra and Mantra Teacher & Practitioner

I am the co-founder of a mindfulness company,  serving several hundred preschools mindfulness education and support and founded and operated an award winning 6-figure company in the arts for 14+ years.

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