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For the Soul-led Woman who is ready for more freedom in her mind, body and business!

Soul Alignment Alchemy


Hi beauty! I'm Tammy, and I am so honored you are here!

Making the choice to devote myself to living in alignment with my truth; my heart and Soul has shown me time and time again the empowering impact this choice has on my life.

I poured my heart and Soul into creating and crafting this 12-week program and curriculum, because after years of doing this work, I became clear 3 years ago that it was time to share this work with amazing women like you!


For many years up until 2018, I struggled to figure out how I was going to create a life of meaningful prosperity. I grew up in an environment of "lack" consciousness and was determined to break out of the conditioning that kept me playing small. 


At that time, I made a choice to follow my heart and Soul into the unknown based on a book, called "The 4-Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris. I learned to trust the signs and was led to growing and scaling my business. This opened up the time freedom (yes, I actualized a 4-hour work week) and income I was desiring at that time in my life.

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This decision and journey took me to the depths of my Soul and showed me where I still needed healing, it showed me a new layer of courage and resiliency, and it showed me unlimited potential within and what was possible for my life.


I had no idea the choice to work toward an outcome that most would say was impossible, would lead me to a purposeful life, growing a successful award winning, 6-figure music business, impacting thousands of children.

This journey prepared me and brought me to the Soul work I do now with my clients. The Pandemic served as a catalyst, as it has for so many. I knew the work I was doing within myself was life transformational, and I was deeply desiring to share it with other women.

I am here to support and guide you as you walk through the fire and claim your freedom, abundance and impact through your unique Soul Alignment Pathway. 

This 3 month journey together will be nothing short of transformational. You will walk out on the other side with the experience of knowing every area of your life has been upgraded in alignment with your heart and Soul. You will have a deeper understanding of your power, potential and a roadmap for living in alignment with your truth, business and purpose.

I will be with you, along with a powerful community of brave women like yourself, walking along side of you every step of the way.

Does this sound like you?

❀ You know you are meant for more and no longer want to play small and settle.


 You know it's time to take your life and business to a level that represents your truth and fullest expression.

 You're moving through big change and transition and want support as you navigate this change.

 You are rocking it in some areas of your life and in other areas it's still a struggle.

 You've done all the programs, courses, free webinars and masterclasses, and you're ready for a personalized program and one and one support.

 You feel stretched thin and want to create more freedom and space in your business and life.

 You've done a lot of work on yourself and yet you're still repeating the same patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

 You haven't been truly happy for awhile and feel stuck around how to feel your joy again.

 You're finally done with going it alone and feeling lost, confused and isolated in the process.

 You want to take aligned action to feel fulfilled in your work, relationships and experience better health and a better income.

 You are ready to get clear, certain and confident on what it takes to develop mastery over your life!

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these, this program was designed just for you.

Get ready to come fully alive! Get ready to grow and break free. Get ready to be held in a sacred space as you walk the path of your truth and light up your life again!

Imagine living as an empowered, prosperous woman in alignment with who you truly are, embracing the gifts and blessings you are meant to bring forth into the world.


Imagine the kind of positive impact and legacy you will leave for generations to come.


When a woman aligns with her soul, she shifts from playing small and overwhelmed and into her true power to live a life of freedom and meaningful success.

I am a Soul Alignment Alchemist, helping women step into their truth, take inspired action and expand into meaningful prosperity!

I bring a balanced blend of ancient, modern-day practices, wisdom, personal experience and integrative strategies to assist you as you step into embodying a purposeful, fulfilling and abundant life!

Tammy Ovsanna
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The 5 Layers & Soul Aligned Pathway Curriculum



Building safety, resiliency and stoking the creative fire.



Understanding and mastering your energy & vitality



The Mastery of Mindset, Identity and Becoming



Redefining and Refining Emotional Mastery



Co-creating with Source and Manifestation

What are the 5 Layers?

Why Soul Alignment Alchemy?

Too many women are suffering, playing small and compromising their truth, happiness and purpose.

For what? Survival.

The age of programming women to break their hearts and Soul's as a means of survival is over.

Soul Alignment Alchemy is a bridge to end this cycle.

Why now? The Pandemic has served as a catalyst, opening a new pathway. I believe this is the Soul-led pathway.

Many women have made the shift or are in the process of paving this new path. Many are still trying to figure it out. 


This is your invitation to step into alignment with what you truly and deeply desire for your life with a guide to support you along the way.

Why now? If not now, when? 

This is your one precious life.


The time has always been NOW.

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What is the Soul Aligned Pathway Journey?



You will begin the journey of re-awakening, remembering and discovering the power you hold and the unlimited potential and possibilities within you and around you.


Step onto the path of clarifying your vision, awakening to your purpose and a life that is more aligned with your heart's deepest dreams and desires. You will ignite a deeper awareness of who you truly are and your truth in the life you desire to live and what you came here to contribute at this time in your life.

You will activate and ignite your inner fire and reconnect with your passions, pleasure, sensuality and magic.


Get ready to hold and actualize the dream in your heart with ease, grace and mastery as you remember and reconnect with your truth and soul’s purpose work. You will receive the guidance, tools to support you at your highest level, as you tap into your zone of creativity.




Through this process of integrating and aligning with your vision, you will more naturally hone and own your truth from a place of readiness that feels grounded and sustainable.


When you are in alignment with your truth, heart and Soul, your life will flow with more ease.  Synchronicities and opportunities will start becoming a regular way of life from this place of being.


You become rooted in unwavering faith and divine inspired action with confidence, clarity and certainty.

When you honor listening to your heart, you reignite a strong connection to source. Taking action will come more naturally from a place of guided inspiration and intuition. Your heart knows what it wants and needs, and you will uncover an inherent confidence and courage to move forward in the direction of your dreams.





As you move into this part of your journey, you will deepen into the subtle energies at play that allow you to attract and magnetize more of what you want to create and experience in your life. This is where magic seems possible, because it is!


When you are living from a state of authentic expression, you are magnetic and naturally live from a place of attracting rather than chasing.

You have taken the journey to align with your truth in heart and soul.

You activated, alchemized and birthed a NEW YOU, the TRUE YOU who gets to be, do and create what you want and be abundantly supported every step of the way for simply BEING and HONORING YOU!



SAA 7.png

Living in your truth feels like a new way of life, but it's the true way for you. Aligning your life with your dreams and your purpose work feels normal and enlivening.

You now know what it feels like and takes to get into alignment with your truth, dreams and desires. You will have these tools and skills forever to access as your life continues to unfold and expand on  your journey of freedom, abundance and impact.


It's time to celebrate and acknowledge this powerful journey you've gone on!! This sacred ceremonial ritual is to honor you in this space as a witness to your transformation and initiation into living your most authentic, empowered and purposeful life.

We will take time to acknowledge those who have supported you along the way, including your ancestors, but most importantly, it is a time of acknowledging you and the life you are creating and living now! 



Here's what my Soul Alignment Alchemy Clients have to say...



Tammy is a breath of fresh air! First off she has a warm, amicable, and inviting personality. She is highly intuitive, compassionate and creative which comes across in her session with you.


Tammy is very authentic and it's easy to want to open up to her about issues or challenges that you may have. After working with Tammy I increased more confidence, peace and energy. I did phenomenally well in my job the following week by her guidance. I increased my sales substantially.


Tammy walks every step of the way with you through the fire in life and helps you cross the bridge where the magic truly happens. She has mentored and coached me to catapult to the next level in all areas of my life. She is unlike any coach I've worked with.


She coaches you in regulating your nervous system and uncovering what's limiting you and how to breakthrough to your limitless self. In the short time period that I've worked with her, she's helped me unleash these old beliefs and programming in a safe space while helping me create and step into my dream life.


When I think of Tammy I think of peace and sunshine. She genuinely cares about her clients and will do anything to make sure she is serving them above and beyond.


- Anna Vanwagner



I am forever grateful for Tammy and the impact she has made in my life. I couldn’t have uncovered this newfound wisdom and reassurance of who I am and what my purpose is in the world in such a short amount of time on my own.


- Christina Klaproth

Kat Wolfe.jpeg


The programs, events and personal sessions with Tammy have been incredibly transformative for me. Not only have I benefited for my businesses and projects, but I experienced a deep personal healing.


Tammy is one of the most intuitive, intelligent and highly educated people I have ever worked with. I was skeptical about doing anything in the life/business coaching realm.


Tammy completely surprised me and immediately broke through any preconceived resistance that I had. She far exceeded my expectations. Her expertise, well thought out structured programs and coaching uncovered deep issues that were informing my daily life in unhealthy ways.

Together, we reframed toxic thought-patterns towards a healthier mindset. This enabled me to find an inner peace and mental organization that had been missing most of my life. Since working with Tammy, my daily life has been peaceful and fulfilling. For the first time, I am thriving, rather than surviving.

Now, I have the tools necessary to navigate life and maintain a well regulated nervous system. My business has flourished and there’s a clear path forward to my future. 


I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful woman and her heartfelt contribution to all blessed with her presence in their lives. She has an incredible wealth of experience and wisdom. Working with Tammy is one of the best decisions I ever made.


I highly recommend signing up today for Tammy’s Soul Alignment Alchemy program, her Profitable Passion Project and one on one coaching sessions. Invest in yourself, your life and your happiness. The value Tammy provides is priceless.

~ Kat Wolfe, Balancing Bodyworks


After my coaching with Tammy, I am on a higher trajectory! All areas of my life were touched by Tammy - my business, my relationship with money, my higher education, my love life, how I deal with everyday stress and anxiety. Also, a weird side effect, magic and serendipity are now a constant part of my daily experience. I am so soooo happy I made the investment in myself and am eternally grateful for Tammy's guidance.


- Georgette Flanagan

The Details...

If you're ready to go from being stuck, overwhelmed and playing small in your life, relationships, and work to being aligned in your truth, lit up, activated and elevated in your purpose, but you need someone who's been there done that and is living it to walk along side of you and guide the way...

I created Soul Alignment Alchemy
Immersion for You!

Soul Aligned Pathway Curriculum

Welcome to Soul Alignment Alchemy Immersion.png

Soul Alignment Alchemy™ is a personalized, 12-week, deep dive immersion. This is a journey of aligning with your truth and harmonizing a life of meaningful success, freedom and impact that aligns with your deepest dreams and desires, personally and professionally.

What's included?

 Lifetime access to Soul Alignment Alchemy Curriculum

❀ Sacred opening ceremony activation call

 3 Months together with private support and powerful community of Sisterhood

 6 private 60-minute coaching sessions

❀ 1 Weekly live group coaching call

 Group Voxer support, M-F

Who is this for?

This is for the woman who is desiring to align with her truth and fulfill her dreams, purpose and expand her freedom, abundance and impact in her personal and professionally life.

This is for the woman who is ready to elevate her life and is ready for more!

This is for the woman who wants personalized support, connection in sacred sisterhood and a community of trail blazers!

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The Soul Alignment Pathway

This is a 8-step pathway through 5 layers of mastery to guide and empower you to uncover your unique path of alignment with the life you deeply desire to create so that you can tap your full potential and expand your freedom, abundance and impact!

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Online Learning Portal

You will have lifetime access to the Soul Alignment Alchemy learning portal, including new updates, content and bonuses added. 

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Unlimited Support

You will be held and supported bi-monthly on our private 1:1 coaching calls together + a weekly live coaching call with a community of like-minded women and Voxer support.

It's time to make a move and take action if YOU...


are ready to walk through the fire to embody your truth with clarity, certainty and confidence and bring more balance and harmony to the most important areas of your life.


want to live a fulfilling and meaningful life and have tools to navigate the challenges in ways that nourish and honor your experiences.


know that it's time to realize your full potential and unleash your fullest expression!


are ready to breakthrough any limiting experiences holding you back from what you deeply desire to do with your one precious life.


feel ready to stand in your truth and claim your freedom, abundance and impact.

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3 Month 
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