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Tammy Ovsanna

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She Who Has Arrived!

Claim Your Freedom, Abundance & Impact!

Welcome Beautiful Soul!


I'm so happy you landed here, and I am looking forward to meeting you inside The Resilient Goddess community!

I was inspired to create a safe space where we can meet weekly, and I can support you on your mission-purpose-passion-driven journey!

This is a FREE event. 

You have the most AMAZING gifts and talents. There is magic in you, and Goddess is excited to unleash and express through you!! 

My intention for our time together is to provide you with empowering, soul-stirring, soul-shifting tools to tap into and unleash your fullest potential, so you can THRIVE in your life's work and beyond. 


Here's what you can expect inside this container...


We will be exploring and experiencing coming home to more peace, harmony and alignment in the body, spirit, soul and mind.


Here is a snapshot at some of the practices we will be doing together:


  • Chakra Alignment Activations

  • Powerful Mantras & Mudras

  • Meditation,  Mindfulness & Mindset work

  • Somatic Parts Work

  • Nervous System Regulation Resets

  • Card pulls

  • Dharma talks on specific topics


It is my delight and pleasure to support with these life changing, transformational tools to get you thriving and in harmony with your personal and professional life. 


Our first session is Thursday, September 8th!

We will be meeting every Thursday at 8 PM EST for six weeks. 

Somewhere on this page, you will see a place to register... 


I am looking forward to seeing soon! 


In support of you!


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Register Here...

Thank you for your registration! Keep an eye out for an email with your access link!

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