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For the Self-motivated, Soul-inspired Woman who is ready to design and align her wealth in mind, body and purpose

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A LIVE 8-Week Transmission to Aligned Wealth

Wealth Alignment Activator

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You want to be empowered to design your life the way you decide, envision and desire.

you're one decision away

Wealth Alignment Activator will teach and show exactly that.

How to identify the shifts that will move you into alignment with the ultimate vision and timeline for  your life.

How to create and navigate these shifts with ease, grace and flow.

How to embody the skills to build wealth from a place of peace, clarity and personal power.

How to create and navigate these shifts with ease, grace and flow.

How to embody the skills to come into alignment and actualize results that are sustainable long term.

Join now and begin your journey...

We will open in sacred ceremony, setting our intentions, getting grounded, and witnessing each other in a safe space.

Over our eight weeks together, expect to:


Anchor and connect into your personal power, purpose and clarify your vision, as you step onto the path of your highest timeline.

Initiate and activate your inner fire as you prepare to align with the greater vision you have for your life.

Integrate and embody your life as a masterpiece in the making and experience more synchronicities and opportunities to support your alignment.

Strengthen your faith and discover an inherent confidence and courage to move beyond doubt with ease and learn to fully receive what your heart desires.

Deepen into the subtle energies at play that allow you to attract and magnetize more of what you want to create and experience in your life. 

Experience the alchemical process of how powerful YOU truly are and what it takes to actualize what you want in your personal and professional life.

Live in your truth in connection to your higher self, inner wisdom and learn to trust the guidance of your intuition.

We'll close out our eight weeks together in celebration, acknowledging this powerful journey you've gone on, complete with a sacred ceremonial ritual to honor your transformation and initiation to living your most authentic, masterful and empowered life! 

You will have these tools and skills forever to access as your life continues to unfold and prosper!

Here's what my Clients have to say...

Kat Wolfe, PA

The programs, events and personal sessions with Tammy have been incredibly transformative for me. Not only have I benefited for my businesses and projects, but I experienced a deep personal healing.  Tammy is one of the most intuitive, intelligent and highly educated people I have ever worked with.

The Details...

If you're ready to go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and limited in your life, relationships and business to aligned wealth but you need someone who's been there done that and is living it to walk along side of you and guide the way...

I created Wealth Alignment Activator for You!

THE Wealth Aligned Activation EXPERIENCE

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Wealth Alignment Activator™ is a journey of aligning with your truth and harmonizing a life of meaningful success in your relationships, career/business and income.

This LIVE 8-week transmission includes:

  • 8 weekly live activations, teachings and meditations

  • Intimate community of sacred sisterhood (only 13 women)

  • Lifetime access to 8 weekly modules of tools, practices and workbooks

Investment: $888

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