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For the Soul-led Woman who is ready for more freedom in her mind, body and business!

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           Biz Alchemy

Mindset, Energetics, Embodiment, Strategy 

to expand your business, amplify your impact, create more freedom in your life and live more from overflow.


Welcome to

I know what it's like to feel like you're doing all the things, and it's not producing the results you want...

Is This You?

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You're ready to get into alignment with the higher vision you have for your life, business and the impact you're here to make and legacy your here to create.


You've been working on your business for months, maybe even years, and it's still not producing the results you want.​

You want to start a business, but you are not sure where to start or how to monetize your unique gifts and talents.

You are an action taker, but you're starting to question if you're taking aligned actions.

You've done all the programs, courses, free webinars and masterclasses, and you're ready for a personalized program and 1:1 support.

You feel stretched thin and want to create more freedom and space in your business and life without sacrificing time and money.

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You want to scale, but you feel stuck and overwhelmed on where to find the time to do it and the best strategy forward.

You've done a lot of work on yourself and yet, when it comes to your business, you find you still feel stuck.

You're finally done with feeling alone, lost, confused and isolated in the process.

You want to take aligned action to feel fulfilled in your work, relationships, your health and finances.

You are ready to get clear, certain and feel confident in getting the results you want.

You're ready to implement strategies that work for YOU and are aligned with your vision + values.

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these, I've been there, and that's why I created this program, designed just for you.

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Get ready to come fully alive! Get ready to grow and break free. Get ready to be held in a sacred space as you walk the path of your truth and light up your business and life!

Imagine this for a change....


You are living in alignment with who you truly are, embracing the gifts and blessings you are meant to bring forth into the world.


Imagine the kind of positive impact and legacy you will leave for generations to come.


When a woman aligns with her soul, she shifts from playing small and overwhelmed and into her true power to live a life of freedom, fulfillment and meaningful success.

I am a Soul Biz Alchemist, helping women step into their truth, take inspired action and expand into meaningful prosperity in business and life!

I bring a balanced blend of ancient + science-based practices, wisdom, personal experience and integrative strategies to assist you as you step into creating and embodying a life and business you love!

Why Soul-Biz Alchemy?

Too many women desiring to have a successful business are suffering, playing small and compromising their truth, happiness and purpose.

For what? Survival.

The age of programming women to break their hearts and Soul's as a means of survival is over.


Soul-Biz Alchemy is a bridge to end this cycle.


Why now? The Pandemic has served as a catalyst, opening a new pathway. At the heart of doing business in a new way, I believe this is the Soul-led path.


This is your invitation to initiate, activate and actualize the alignment with what you truly and deeply desire for your life and business with a guide to support you along the way.


Why now? If not now, when? 

This is your one precious life.


The time is always NOW.

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The Details...

What's included?

  3 or 6 months together with private support personalized to you and your business

  9 or 18 private 60-minute business coaching sessions

  3 or 6 months Minimind focus and execute group sessions

  1 private nervous system reset and business breathwork breakthrough session

  A Sacred Sisterhood of Soulpreneurs

  Voxer support, M-F

Plus, we have bonuses!

Pay in Full Bonuses include:

★ Lifetime access to Soul Alignment Alchemy Curriculum ~ My Signature 12-week Self-paced Leadership & Mastery Course

★ Access to any paid Masterclasses during our 3 or 6 months together

★ Save $500 or $700

Payment Plan Bonus includes:

★ Access to any paid Masterclasses during our 3 or 6 months together

Who is this for?

This is for the woman who is desiring to align her business with her truth and create more peace, freedom and fulfillment in her day-to-day, while expanding her business, amplifying her impact and creating more from overflow.

This is for the woman who is ready to elevate and reset the foundation for long-term success in her business, her relationships and her life!

This is for the woman who wants personalized support by someone who has been there and is walking the journey along side of her.

If you're ready to go from feeling stuck on the hamster wheel, overwhelmed and playing small in your business to being aligned with your vision, lit up, activated and elevated in your purpose, but you need someone who's been there done that and is living it to walk along side of you and guide the way...

I created Soul-Biz Alchemy
Immersion for You!

Soul-Biz Alchemy™ is a personalized, deep dive immersion. This is a journey of aligning with your truth and harmonizing a life of meaningful success, freedom and impact that aligns with your deepest dreams and desires, personally and professionally.

Here's what my Clients are saying...

Kat Wolfe.jpeg


My sessions with Tammy have been incredibly transformative for me. Not only have I benefitted for my business and projects, but I experienced a deep personal healing. For the first time, I am thriving, rather than surviving. My business is flourishing and there’s a clear path forward for my future.

Kat Wolfe, Balancing Bodyworks

It's time to make a move and take action if YOU...


are ready to alchemize and embody your truth with clarity, certainty and confidence and bring more balance and harmony to your life and business.


want to live a fulfilling and meaningful life and have tools to navigate the challenges in ways that help you feel safe, nourished and honor your experiences.


 are ready to explore your full potential and authentic expression!

 know your best work is yet to come, and you're ready to put your stake in the ground and unlock it!


are ready to breakthrough any limiting experiences holding you back from creating a life and business that you love!


We have two options to get your journey started...

One Payment

3 month option


6 month option


Pay in Full Bonuses include:

★ Lifetime access to Soul Alignment Alchemy Curriculum 

~ My Signature 12-week Self-paced Leadership & Mastery Course

★ Access to all paid Masterclasses during our 3 months together

★ Save $500 or $700

 Payment Plan

3 month option

$1333 - 3x

6 month option

$1200 - 5x

Payment Plan Bonus includes:

★ Access to all paid Masterclasses during our 3 months together

Ready to enroll or have questions?

Book a Complimentary 30-minute Connection Call and let's see if this is a fit!

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Hello Gorgeous Soul! I'm Tammy, and I am so honored you are here!

Making the choice to devote myself to living in alignment with my truth has shown me time and time again the empowering impact this choice has on my life.

I poured my heart and Soul into creating and crafting Soul Biz Alchemy, because having built a successful business unconventionally, I became clear 3 years ago that it was time to share, with amazing women like you, the magic of who you get to be and become, while building a profitable and nourishing business doing what you love!


For many years up until 2018, I struggled to figure out how I was going to create a life of meaningful prosperity. I grew up in an environment of "lack" consciousness and was determined to break out of the conditioning that kept me playing small. 


At that time, I made a choice to follow my heart into the unknown based on a book, called "The 4-Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris. I learned to trust the signs and led myself to growing and scaling my business. This opened up the time freedom (yes, I actualized a 4-hour work week) and income I was desiring at that time in my life.

Tammy Ovsanna 2.jpeg

This decision and journey took me to the depths of my Soul and showed me where I still needed healing, it showed me a new layer of courage and resiliency, and it showed me unlimited potential within and what was possible for my life.


I had no idea the choice to work toward an outcome that most would say was impossible, would lead me to a purposeful life, growing a successful award winning, 6-figure music business, impacting thousands of children.

This journey prepared me and brought me to the Soul work I do now with my clients. The Pandemic served as a catalyst, as it has for so many. I knew the work I was doing within myself was transformational, and I was deeply desiring to share it with other women.

I am here to support and guide you as you walk through the fire and alchemize your vision and your dreams into reality!

On the other side of our 3 or 6 month journey together, you will be embodied, empowered and aligned with the heart and Soul of your business and your life! You will have amplified your impact, expanded your bank account and will be living in alignment with your vision. As you journey on, you will will have a deeper understanding of your power, potential and a roadmap for living in alignment with your highest timeline for your life, relationships and business!

I will be with you, along with a powerful community of brave women like yourself, walking along side of you every step of the way.

Tammy Ovsanna, Inc © 2023

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